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You got me a Peloton?!?!?!

December 12, 2019

Episode 42: You got me a Peloton?!?!?!

Episode Notes

In this episode, Mike and Chad discuss their weekend, the first ever Apple Music Awards, holiday weekends for Tesla owners, Waymo, Apple TV+’s new show “Truth be Told”, Serial podcast, the Peloton ads and all the uproar around that, 5G technology, AirPods Pro follow-up review, crazy tech, and of course, they take all of their normal detours.

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Music by Savage


Silver Dollar City Chirstmas Lights

Reprisal - definition

Reprise - definition

Apple Music Awards - first ever

West Coast Tesla drivers had an unexpected delay during their Thanksgiving holiday

Robinhood Snacks - Waymo

Waymo - formerly the Google Self-Driving Car Project

Moonshot Factory X Projects

The Verge - "Truth Be Told" review - potential spoilers

U.S. Supreme Court won't hear Adnan Syed's appeal

The original Peloton ad

The Ryan Reynolds Aviation Gin Peloton actress follow-up commercial

Peloton - how to buy it

Finger Robot