Lunch Time Tech Talk

MacBooks with Apple ARM Processors and Electric Trucks

June 18, 2020

In this episode, Mike and Chad discuss mountain biking and crashing, filming an upcoming video for the RunBikeMike youtube channel, the recent RBM channel milestone, Apple Keychain creating passwords for us, the anticipated announcement at WWDC of Apples new ARM chip for MacBook, Chad receiving some new furniture, Tesla model S range, a wyze cam announcement, crazy tech, and of course, they take all of their normal detours.

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Music by Savage


ARM Macs - what we know -

More ARM rumor reading

Nikola Corp. ticker symbol NKLA

images of Nikola pickup

EPA rates Tesla Model S long-range at 402 miles

Skydio drone - this thing is crazy

Skydio review - pretty cool footage of trying to challenge the drone to follow

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