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Child-Locking your Apple Screens, E-Delivery Vans, and Who Is Apple Buying?

January 30, 2020

Show Notes

In this episode, Mike and Chad discuss the Chiefs, EV delivery vans, amazon, Hyundai and Kia creating Arrival, electric buses, Cummins electric motors, Trains, Apple, MGM, how to keep kids from messing with your screens when you’re letting them use it, Boston Dynamics, machine learning, crazy tech, and of course, they take all of their normal detours.

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Robinhood Snacks - Electric delivery vans

Alliance of Amazon, Ikea, DHL, and AT&T for electric delivery vehicles

Hyundai & Kia invested $110m+ in ARRIVAL

Diesel trains really are hybrids

Apple and Netflix interested in buying MGM

Reed Hastings is the founder of Netflix and owns 2.5% of shares

Apple Watch Swim Mode

Apple Guided Access - or how to let your kids use your phone without constantly exiting out of stuff

Groove X Lovot

Adam Savage tests Boston Dynamics' Spot - This is amazing

Doubletake by Filmic Pro

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